Wednesday, 10 October 2012

Pippi's Piece -- Christmas Treats part 3

Bunches of Dried Bay Leaves

When we arrived here, in our small house on our small block, we had a HUGE bay tree in the back yard.  It was great for cooking, and numerous neighbours would knock on the door every so often, asking for some more leaves for their cooking.
Unfortunately the tree was so large we needed to cut it down as it was too close to the house and the foundations.
Mum has a HUGE tree.  SO I am going to cut some beautiful bunches of bayleaves, wash them all nicely, and tie them up with a lovely ribbon.  This will be another lovely Christmas gift for all the teachers, which is basically only going to cost me my time.  It will be appreciated by their teachers who enjoy cooking over their Christmas holidays.

Bay Leaves are also great to hang in the kitchen.  Smaller bunches look quite attractive and the dried bay leaves are great for keeping all those moths and weevils away from your pantry items.

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