Wednesday, 3 October 2012

Glass Gem Corn


How magnificent is this?

It is Glass Gem Corn.

It is NOT photoshopped and it is not fake.  It is real corn grown in USA


I came across it on the Aussies Living Simply Forum posted by Milkwood, in May 2012


Glass Gem Corn  is not widely available, as far as I can ascertain it is only available in the USA.  It is NOT genetically modified and is an heirloom corn variety.  At this stage they don't appear to be available, but if any of you hear to the contrary, please let me know, as I am hanging out to get some to grow in my front yard.  At this stage interest seems to have way out stripped the supply.  But hopefully in the not too distance future I will be able to grow some Glass Gem Corn too.  For more information see the Glass Gem Supplier, Seedstrust.

Also if anyone finds another supply, please let me know.

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