Saturday, 20 October 2012

Glass Gem Corn Seeds have landed!!


THANK YOU to Bee from Merribee's Organic Farm.
And to the Forum on Aussie's living simply which connected me to Bee's site.
My seeds arrived in the post on Friday.  I am very eager and excited to plant them, but we currently have sweetcorn planted in our front garden, so we will need to wait until that has finished before planting these new seeds.

For those of you who missed my last posts, here is a picture of this beautiful corn that is an heirloom corn variety that you can grow.

Isn't it just magical!!!!!


  1. Have you got them planted yet? How exciting for you! I've been looking for some as well but it's hard to come by - good luck with your crop and happy gardening

  2. hi I am curios to know whether you have planted these yet? The picture looks great.