Wednesday, 16 January 2013

1st Birthday Party - Comments or Suggestions????

I have a uni exam coming up the same week as DS's first birthday party.  So I have decided to postpone the party for a week or so - and also in the hope the weather will be better, February is notorious for scorching hot days here in Adelaide, and this year is a hot summer.

Please help!
Any suggestions for a nice theme?
I tend to just buy plain paper plates and cups etc, rather than going over board in buying all of that stuff, otherwise it gets very expensive.  Instead I like to make cupcakes and or biscuits in the theme (see my previous posts about rubber ducky party and penguins).
So any suggestions or hints on what theme I should do & how to make the cupcakes, cake pops or biscuits.

Dinosaurs, Aeroplanes?  I could do a rubber ducky theme again.  I could do lions or another animal.  I tend to really like Elephants.  Maybe I could do an Elephant theme.
So any suggestions on how to make Elephant Cakepops, and Elephant Cupcakes???

Maybe I could use Banana lollies for a trunk & then two big freckles or button chocolates for the Elephant ears.  Would a snake lolly be better as a trunk than a banana lolly?

I am procrastinating thinking about his party rather than studying for my uni exam, but I know that if I have thought it all through and have my ideas, it makes it much quicker when I come to make it all.

Any ideas or comments - I would love to hear them, so please comment or email me with your suggestions.  
With 4 children, working and studying, I will be very busy so I won't have a lot of time to spend figuring it all out.  But #4 is just as special as all the others and so I want to do some special things for his 1st birthday just like I did for the others.

I have just found this   tim-tam-colosseum on Chocolatesuze's site.  Gosh Chocolate suze has some awesome things.  Maybe I could try this for DS's 1st Birthday.  Maybe a little smaller than hers was.
Maybe I could work on that theme..... a timtam zoo with elephant and lion cupcakes inside?????  I will keep thinking up things.


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