Tuesday, 9 October 2012

Glass Gem Corn Seeds

Well, I am still waiting for my glass gem corn seeds to arrive.  It hasn't been many days yet, but I am so eager, I can't wait.  I am like a child running to check the letter box each day.

The rest of our vegetable garden is growing really well.  We have planted squash, snow peas, cucumber, tomatoes and lettuce.

 Our fruit trees are also in full bloom, so we are  looking forward to a full summer of fresh organic produce from our garden.  Here are some pictures of our triple graphed pear tree.

One hint to stop slugs from eating all of your new plants is to put containers out with beer in them.  We have used old margarine containers and old yoghurt tubs.  We have half filled them with beer and placed them around the garden.  The slugs are attracted to the beer smell.  They creep into the beer containers and then can't get out again.  We had 9 slugs in one container out the front from the weekend.  Which is reassuring, as they were eating away all of our broccoli.    Here is our sage which the slugs have been enjoying!
As you can see, we have Sage, Parsley and Strawberries in the same pot.  However I must admit, I also have another pot of Parsley

As we don't have much space, I have planted some plants straight into our front garden.  Broccoli seedlings have been slotted amongst the agapanthus right next to our front gate.  The get full sun and grow well in that position.

I dont' know how but I seem to have rotated or inverted the last two photos as I have inserted them.  I will investigate this.

For all those avid gardners in Adelaide, you will now that this Saturday coming up is the ABC Carpark Caper - Gardener's Market. 
It is held from 8:30 at the ABC Carpark,  Cnr North East Road and Rosetta St, Collinswood.  There is a gold coin donation entrance fee, with the proceeds going to The Smith Family
The Car Park Caper is a place to get bargain priced quality plants from avid gardeners who can provide in depth information about how and where to grow your plants.  When I first started gardening and had little knowledge, I found it to be a great place to get some good bargains with sound knowledge.  I am looking forward to going again this Saturday 13th October.  I hope to get some more vegetable seedlings ready for feeding the hungry children in summer.

Mr S now needs the computer so it is Ciao for Now!

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