Thursday, 4 October 2012

Glass Gem Corn in Australia!!!!!!

Thanks to the responses.

I have found out that you can get Glass Gem Corn in Australia, from Western Australia.

Merribee's organic farm in Nannup, WA sells the corn seeds for $3.50 per packet, plus a once fee of $2 for postage in Australia.

I have ordered some and am VERY excited about getting them and planting them in my garden.
I will just have to wait for my other corn to finish, so that the 2 varieties don't get cross pollination.

As soon as the seeds arrive I will upload a picture and keep you all posted.

For anyone interested. Please contact Bee

I emailled Bee

You can access their seed catalogue here  

For more information please see

And to Bee and Merribee's organic farm - a HUGE thankyou in anticipation!!!


  1. I have just pulled out my other corn, so I am now going to wait a couple of weeks and then I can plant these ones. I am very excited & can't wait!!!!!

  2. Thanks very much Pippi, did you get some nice colours? Warm regards, Bee