Monday, 7 January 2013

Pippi's Piece - Easy Peesy Christmas Fabric Wreaths

Well I know I am a little late, life was fairly hectic around Christmas this year.

But I wanted to post some fabulous Christmas wreaths that my children made.

Firstly you get a wire coat hanger and bend it into a circle shape.  Keep the hook at the top, as that is what you can use to hang the wreath once it is finished.

 I bought fabrics and asked for each piece to be 10cms long. Then I came home and cut them into the 1cm wide strips.

Then you can tie the strips around the coat hanger wire.  

Depending on the fabrics you chose and the order or pattern that you tie them on, can change the look of the wreath.  Some we tied on in a consistent pattern, while others we did randomly.

 My eldest child did most of it herself.  We gave them to family and friends for Christmas presents.
Each one was individual and had a different look to it.  I particularly liked the ones with gold & silver organza fabrics.  However my daughter preferred the one mainly with calico and some gold and silver touches to it.
You can also hand or attach something - like a bauble or ornament from the hook at the top.  It then will hang in the middle of the wreath for a special touch.  We did that for some of our wreaths, but I forgot to take pictures, before we gave them away.

We also tied a big bow around the hook at the top so that it was much less intrusive.

They were so easy to do and kept the children entertained and productive in the exciting lead up to Christmas!!

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