Wednesday, 16 January 2013

Pippi's Piece - Bonython Park Playground - Adelaide

Hi everyone,
Apparently there is a new playground in Adelaide.  Apparently it is really good.
There is a full new children's playground.  It is meant to be really good for children of all ages, so is good for those families with lots of children of mixed ages.
There is a bike track for children and a flying fox.

It is not fenced - so you do need to be careful that children don't wander off down to the River.

There is also a kiosk for parents to grab a coffee.

We were planning on heading there this week, but we haven't got there today (instead we made some of Chocolate Suze's fantastic cornflake cookies again - except we used the Nestle Caramel Choc Bits and they were Superb! - Thanks again for your recipe) and it is going to be 41C here in Adelaide tomorrow, so we aren't going Thursday either.  So hopefully we can get down there on Friday or over the weekend.

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